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 Imperial Plaster Finish adds richness to an entryway.

An Imperial Plaster finish can add richness to any entryway.

Imperial colored plaster

eliminates the need for paint and provides a beautiful mottled finish. Imperial Plaster is a high-strength, finish plaster when used as a component in a fire-related assembly. It can be used over many Gypsum Base wall applications or as a high-strength finish over prepped CMU and concrete walls. In the use of  basic drywall (Sheetrock, Gypsum Board, etc) systems, several applications of soft, easily damaged joint compount, are necessary, with each layer needing a few days of drying time, plus sanding and touch-up before it is ready to paint. Imperial finish plasters usually apply in one layer, producing an extremely hard, damage-resistant surface that is perfect for withstanding the bumping and scuffing of high-traffic areas. It may be used in a single coat , integrating best with smooth-trowel or texture finishes. It is fast curing, often suitable for painting the next day after application. Imperial colored plaster eliminates the need for paint and provides a beautiful mottled finish. One application of veneer plaster can be troweled over drywall, concrete and other wallboard, it sets hard and smooth, requires no sanding and no painting. In addition, the skilled application of  Imperial plaster can make a bold and elegant design statement. Plaster is much safer for th eenvironment than paints & toxic solvents. Plaster can be tinted to a wide range of colors & stylings to offer a cost effective, ecologically sound, and beautiful alternative to paint. Our Master Craftsmen's years of experience & developed techniques give old-world textures and beautiful variations in color to your wall surfaces. Traditional drywall and paint cannot compare . Beautiful artisan finished without the additional cost, hassle and fumes of paint!

Plaster repair

Werner Plastering is also a specialist on plaster and stucco repair. As homes age, some have cracked and damaged walls or ceilings due to movement from settling, etc. We offer repairs using the best available products and procedures.

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